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Welcome to ‘That Chubby Chick’ blog! I’m Daisy, a plus sized chick in her late 20’s who loves vintage style, fashion, sewing and baking. 
I’ll be covering various topics from fashion trends to dating and hobbies! 
 I’m a feminist and this is an LGBTQ+ safe space. 

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Just checking in!

Hi! So… it’s been a while. Two whole years since I started this blog during Covid lockdown, full of ideas and a lot of down time. I was...

Chubby Chick in Isolation Lockdown!

Hi all! Quick disclaimer – this post was written by my inner housewife, who thinks she’s a master home baker and interior designer! Oops!...

Chubby Chick Goes Dating Part 3

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Chubby Chick Goes Dating! CW: some may find this emotionally heavy. Buckle in kids, this is a...

(Very Late) Halloween Fun!

Hi all! I know I’ve been a little bit AWOL recently, and for that I apologise! There’s been a lot going on at work at the moment (all...

Elements Rainwear product review

I recently bought a PVC raincoat, after deciding that my ‘shower proof’ (it’s not) jacket wasn’t good enough to keep me dry in English...

Anxiety during a pandemic

Like everyone, I’ve been struggling with waves of high anxiety during this pandemic. I find that when my routine is normal as it can be,...

Curvy Kate 'Sheer Class' Bikini Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a Curvy Kate bra- the fit is spectacular on me, they’re super comfy and their Scantilly Clad range...

Chubby Chick Goes Dating pt2

‘Mixed weight relationships’ I’m sure you’ve seen/heard this phrase being bandied about in the media, online, lots of places the past few...

The Big Bloomers Company ~ Stockings Review

~ This is not a paid ad or a partnership; I simply review products that I love! I bought these stockings after seeing so many people...

Chubby Chick Goes Dating

*CW ~ mentions the words 'sex' and 'fetish'* Let’s face it – dating is hard enough these days, even without the current pandemic...

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I'm Daisy, a 27 year old, plus sized, single woman living in the UK. My passions include vintage fashion, singing, sewing, baking,...

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Thanks for your interest in That Chubby Chick! If you have any questions or would like me to cover a specific topic, pop me an email! 

Devon, UK

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