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Chubby Chick in Isolation Lockdown!

Hi all!

Quick disclaimer – this post was written by my inner housewife, who thinks she’s a master home baker and interior designer! Oops!

Well, as I briefly mentioned in my last post – I’m self isolating. Someone I work with tested positive for COVID, and I’m counting down the days until I’m back at work with some form of routine! Luckily, I only have to wait until Sunday now.

I’m into week 2 of isolation, and so far I have found some time to do some cooking with my new slow cooker, baking, (heart shaped scones, because why not! And yes, I was prepared with the clotted cream!) some sewing, hair styling in the hopes that I can film my first make up tutorial – which I will only post If I can get my eyeliner right on the first try! – And decorating the flat for Christmas.

Yes, I know, it’s early! And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but science supports my choice to put up the decs and really, that was all the reason I needed. Besides, I’ve got some lovely Christmas goodies to shoot from my wonderful friend and accessories lady, Pin up and Pearl, so obviously I need a whole new outfit and Christmas tree!

This year I’ve opted for a vintage ‘winter wonderland’ look, with a white tree, blush pink, pale blue, silver and white baubles, with a mini green tree in my window to give my other favourite baubles somewhere to live. The theme for the rest of the flat is ‘Christmas threw up in here’ – I’ve yet to finish the hallway. I’m also dreading taking all of it down, but that’s a 2021 New Year’s Day problem!

The local kids are going to be spotting lights in people’s windows around town this year, so I’ve made a small effort to hang some lights and put snowflakes on the windows. Honestly, it’s just making me feel like a kid again, so if you’re debating putting the decorations up early, I’d say go ahead and do it. It’s 2020. Let’s have a little cheer!

I was worried that I might run out of things to do, but I am reminding myself that a lot of people have had to go through this in since March, and I’m lucky that I haven’t had to do it yet. Apart from a blip when I changed jobs at the start of lockdown 1, I’ve worked all the way through this pandemic. I am extremely lucky that I haven’t caught it, and haven’t developed any symptoms, so this is more like an enforced holiday. However, the timing is quite bad considering I was trying to get used to a new shift pattern at work, and I’d definitely rather be earning my full wage. I immediately fell into that thought process of ‘time off – must be productive!’ and then spent the first few days doing absolutely nothing. I’ve perked up a bit now and honestly I am thanking my lucky stars that I’m in such a good place at the moment, there are so many worse off than myself. It does suck not being allowed to go outside, but that’s the worst thing I have to deal with right now, and I’m so grateful.

I take my hat off to any of you who have been in self isolation from the start, or who have been furloughed, or made redundant, or are just struggling in general. The lack of a work routine also makes things harder, I’m barely adulting as it is – I don’t know how the rest of you do it! Especially with kids – I am so glad that I only have to look after myself right now. I try not to think about this situation too much, but there’s a glimmer of hope that life might get back to some form of normality next year, and I’m holding onto that!

For now, please enjoy these pics of my housewife-ing endeavours! I’m off to re-watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and do some Christmas crochet.

D x

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