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Elements Rainwear product review

I recently bought a PVC raincoat, after deciding that my ‘shower proof’ (it’s not) jacket wasn’t good enough to keep me dry in English weather. I stumbled across a thread in one of the many vintage/rockabilly facebook groups I’m in, and suddenly realised that an Elements Rainwear coat is exactly what I needed.

There are so many things I can say about this company before I even get onto this coat – their customer service is fab, they can part – customise your coat (shorter hem, shorter sleeves, hood or no hood – just ask!) and you can choose from so many colours/styles of PVC to make the coat truly your own.

You do have to wait for it to be made – they are made to order but I think that just added to the lovely feeling of having a special item made just for me. They update you every step of the way, and when it does arrive, it’s perfectly packed along with a care leaflet and some treats!

I love the fit of mine, though I didn’t alter the length anywhere as I wanted to cuff up my sleeves and I needed the coat to completely cover my vintage skirts. This coat does just that and more, covering a full circle skirt with a petticoat underneath. It’s slightly tight on my bust, but I do usually have to choose between my waist fitting, or my bust fitting due to it being a size bigger than the rest of me! I went for the waist fit so that I can wear the top poppers open if needed.

Oh, and another thing – if you damage or hurt your raincoat, you can always send it back to Elements for repairs – something I’d be more than happy to do since I can see myself using this coat for many years to come. There are a few different places to get PVC raincoats, but it’s lovely to be able to support a small business in the UK. Elements have truly got it nailed – their coats are awesome, good quality, well made, and some styles even have pockets!

If you want something lovely to keep you dry and still show off your outfit underneath – Elements Rainwear is the way to go!

D x

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