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Let me introduce myself!


I'm Daisy, a 27 year old, plus sized, single woman living in the UK. My passions include vintage fashion, singing, sewing, baking, female empowerment and body positivity!

The lockdown has been difficult for us all, and I want to help others feel supported, maybe give some of you content that you can relate to!

In my blog I want to include everything I enjoy, and add in some story-time anecdotes too! There will be product reviews for things have bought and recommend, and these will be unpaid/not sponsored unless otherwise stated. I plan to post weekly, and do a special topic on a regular basis. If there is anything you would like me to cover specifically, just pop me a message!

I will also be modelling lingerie and fashion pieces, so if you want to see more plus sized women in your feed, please follow me on my other social media! (you’ll find the links on my blog homepage) I would love for this to be a safe space for people to share with me, enjoy my reviews, and discuss plus sized fashion.

I do not believe in over editing my photos – anything you see from me may have a filter to adjust lighting, but I will never edit out skin flaws, stretch marks, cellulite (god forbid! Shock horror!) etc on my self-shoots! Society is way past due normalising these things, and everyone has them, so why pretend? It’s time we loved our bodies, and I don’t believe you can only be happy as an ‘after picture’ – you can love your body in different ways, wherever you are in your journey.

So, come along with me as I muddle through life, dating, being a fiercely independent chubby chick... and hopefully, I can make you smile!

D x

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