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The Big Bloomers Company ~ Stockings Review

~ This is not a paid ad or a partnership; I simply review products that I love!

I bought these stockings after seeing so many people recommend them, and after I did a shoot wearing a pair from Lovehoney that were labelled ‘Queen Size’ (hi Lovehoney, that’s a size for bed sheets, not for stockings, just saying) – I don’t mind a bit of chub overspill, but I wanted some lovely looking, comfy stockings that I could wear on the daily, so I got the Magic Stockings with back seam (love a seam) which can be found here:

I am a pretty much a UK dress size 22, so I opted for the size 20-24, and let me tell you – they did not disappoint!

Before I even tried them on, I noticed how lovely the packaging was, which always makes you feel like you’ve treated yourself to something special. I took them out of the packaging and immediately fell in love with the feel of them – they are soft but strong (but do watch your nails in case of snagging, like any hosiery it’s best to be careful when putting them on!) and the tops are really stretchy.

I might be a size 22, but I am also only just 5ft tall on a good day – so I was hoping that they would fit me ok. I wasn’t expecting them to come up as high as they do, but I love to wear my stockings high on the thigh when I can, just for comfort! These stockings fit like a dream. I have zero complaints. The fully fashioned heel is lovely, the seams are perfect and the tops fit bang on. No uncomfortable squeezing and they cope with my suspender belt very well. I will absolutely be buying more of these, seamed and normal, and want to try their hold ups next! I’m also interested in trying their chub rub shorts, so if that’s something you’re interested in; it’s likely I’ll have a review soon.

These stockings also feel so good on, they make me feel incredibly sexy, and inspired me to do my first ever stocking flash pics! My legs have never been my favourite part of me, but wearing these stockings makes me feel badass, so I’ll be getting my chubby pins out more often!

They are, quite possibly, the best stockings I have ever owned.

... looks like I’m off to make a Big Bloomers Company shopping list!

D x

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